"400 Emotions" is a powerful new tool for the Mystery Performers who wants to bring a new impact to their performances.

A pocketbook that works as "dictionary of emotions" is presented to the audience using the "Dunn typology of emotions" which lists 400 different emotions and feelings, such as "Inspired" , "Shy" , "Admiration" and others, explaining each one in detail (one per page).

A new book test that you can use to read the mind of one participant, read the minds of several (Tossed Out Deck Style), prediction experiences and MORE, using a mixture of powerful and simple principles.

100% Hands Off
No extra gimmicks
Completely Self-Contained
No sven-forces

In the complementary eBook you will learn:

1. Ekman : Your participant opens the book anywhere, and focus in any emotion. The performer is then able to reveal that thought of emotion using a beautiful and realistic process.

2. Prognosticated Emotion:  You show an envelope with one piece of paper (ONLY ONE). The participant opens the book anywhere, choosing any emotion. The paper is taken and shown to predict the exact emotion! 

3. 400+: A participant opens the book anywhere and chooses any word from the description of the main emotion. The performer is able to reveal it!

4. Tossed Out Emotions: Three participants are invited to open the book anywhere and focus in any emotions. Then, in a dramatic manner the performer is able to reveal all three thoughts and feelings!

5. Loved One: The perfect routine for couples using the "400 Emotions Book Test".  One of them chooses any emotion, the other reads his/her mind with 100% accuracy!

6. Emotional Intelligence 101: A crash course in the needed knowledge in order to perform with excellence using this book test

7. Extra Ideas with your 400 Emotions Book Test

With your order you will receive:

1. 400 Emotions Book Test ready to use
2. Complementary eBook with routines and ideas

• • •